Il giorno 13 giugno 2006, alle ore 15.00, presso l’aula 32 del Dipartimento di Statistica "G. Parenti", il prof. Alvo Mayer, (Département de Mathématiques et Statistique, University of Ottawa - Canada) terrà un seminario dal titolo:

Nonparametric tests of hypotheses for umbrella alternatives


Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Un breve abstract del seminario è riportato nel seguito.

Per informazioni rivolgersi alla Prof. Matilde Bini tel. +39 055 4237251 Cell. 329 2609898 ( )

Nonparametric tests of hypotheses for umbrella alternatives

We propose a general method for constructing nonparametric tests of hypotheses for umbrella alternatives using the ranks of the data. Such alternatives arise in situations where the treatment effect is monotone but with a change in direction after reaching a peak. Two examples are: the effectiveness of a drug may change with time; the effectiveness in learning is a function of age which may peak at a certain point. The general approach consists of defining two sets of rankings: the first is induced by the alternative and the other by the data. The test statistic proposed measures the distance between the two sets. The asymptotic distributions are determined for some cases under both the null and the alternative hypotheses.