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DISIA Dipartimento di Statistica, Informatica, Applicazioni 'Giuseppe Parenti'
Dipartimento di Statistica, Informatica, Applicazioni 'Giuseppe Parenti'

Seminari del Dipartimento di Statistica precedente al DiSIA


  Relatore Seminario
13/12/2012 Fabio Rigat (University of Warwick) From the blackboard to the trading floor: how to construct and assess trading strategies using multivariate dynamic probabilistic models
26/11/2012 Donald Rubin (Harvard) Missing data Analysis: Basic Concepts and Some Theory
Issues in Missing Data Problems: Sensitivity to Assumptions
15/11/2012 Antonio Forcina (University of Perugia) Conditional independence models for contingency tables: singularities and context specific restrictions
25/10/2012 Fan Li (Duke University) Propensity Score Weighting with Multilevel Data
11/10/2012 Michael Friger (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) Structural Hierarchical Approach to Longitudinal Modeling of Health Environmental Effects: Methodology and Applications
24/09/2012 Alberto Gandolfi (Università di Firenze) Turing e l'ignoto
20/09/2012 Michela Bia (CEPS/INSTEAD) A Stata package for the application of nonparametric estimators of dose-response functions
08/05/2012 Robin Evans (University of Cambridge) Constraints on Marginalised DAGs
21/03/2012 Davide Luciani (Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche `Mario Negri) Automated interviews on clinical case reports to elicit directed acyclic graphs
15/03/2012 Ilaria Vannini (Università di Firenze) Multivariate Regression Chain Graph Models: an application to the study of determinants of fertility and housing conditions
15/03/2012 Marta Gallucci (Università di Firenze) Statistical methods and applications for seismology
22/02/2012 D. Piccolo e M. Iannario (University of Naples Federico II) A General Framework for modelling ordinal data: Statistical foundations, inferential issues and extensions
21/12/2011 Massimiliano Mascherini (Eurofound) Economic and societal costs of being NEETs
28/11/2011 Bruno Chiandotto (Università di Firenze) Statistica e causalità: un caso di convergenze parallele
22/09/2011 Kayvan Sadeghi (Oxford University) Markov equivalences for loopless mixed graphs
19/07/2011 Leonhard Held (University of Zurich) Introducing Bayes Factors
30/06/2011 Jelke Bethlehem (University of Amsterdam) The Quality of Surveys
28/06/2011 Alan Gelfand (Duke University) Point pattern modeling for degraded presence-only data over large regions
21/06/2011 Stian Lydersen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Recommended tests for association in 2x2 tables
16/06/2011 Francesco Stingo (Rice University) Bayesian wavelet-based curve classification via discriminant analysis with Markov random tree priors
19/05/2011 Prasada Rao (School of Economics, University of Queensland, Australia) Inequality, Health, and Mortality
19/05/2011 Prasada Rao (School of Economics, University of Queensland, Australia) Measuring the Size and Structure of the World Economy: The International Comparison Program
12/05/2011 Stefano Rosignoli (Irpet) La SAM come strumento di analisi delle politiche: un'applicazione al caso toscano.
05/05/2011 Fabio Divino (Università del Molise) A MCMC data augmentation algorithm for contaminated case-control analyses
07/04/2011 Filomena Maggino (Università di Firenze) The state of the art in indicators construction
27/01/2011 Beatriz Larraz (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) Weighting the Elementary Price Relatives in Time Consumer Price Index (CPI) Construction
16/12/2010 Susanna Zaccarin (Università di Trieste) The scientific collaboration network(s) of Italian academic statisticians
18/11/2010 Lapo Filistrucchi (Università di Firenze and TILEC, Tilburg University) Merger Simulation in a Two-Sided Market: The Case of the Dutch Daily Newspapers
04/11/2010 Gabriele Fiorentini (Università di Firenze) Scale parameters integration for marginal likelihood estimation in conditionally linear state space models
25/10/2010 Philippe Fargues (European University Institute) International Migration and Demography: a Two-Way Interaction
28/09/2010 Peter McDonald (Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute and President of IUSSP) Theoretical Foundations for the Analysis of Fertility: Gender Equity
27/09/2010 Peter McDonald (Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute and President of IUSSP) Demographic Effects on GDP per Capita: A Cross-National Study
16/09/2010 Alok Bhargava (University of Houston) Healthcare utilization, socioeconomic factors and child health in India
13/05/2010 Paolo Frumento (Università di Pisa) Estimating finite mixture models: theoretical and computational issues
09/04/2010 Andrea Mercatanti Semiparametric methods for causal inference: the effect of debit cards on household spending
29/01/2010 Andrea Neri (Banca d'Italia) L'indagine sui bilanci delle famiglie italiane
14/01/2010 Stefania Mignani (Università di Bologna) Strumenti per la valutazione delle competenze
17/12/2009 Philippe Van Kerm (CEPS/INSTEAD) Propensity score reweighting in analysis of the gender pay gap
03/12/2009 Fabio Corradi (Università di Firenze) Valutazione di sistemi probabilistici di identificazione indiretta basati su evidenze di DNA nucleare
03/12/2009 Angela Parenti (Università di Pisa) Marginal Effect Using The Conditional Distribution Dynamics Approach
26/11/2009 Nicola Salvati (Università di Pisa) An M-quantile Random Effects Model for Hierarchical and Repeated Measures Data
17/11/2009 Maria Gabriella Ottaviani (Sapienza, Univ. di Roma) L'insegnamento della statistica nella scuola: leggere e interpretare l'informazione quantitativa
05/11/2009 Bruno Arpino (Università Bocconi) The transition out of the parental home among second generation migrants in Spain: A cross-classified Multilevel Analysis
08/10/2009 Daria Mendola (Università di Palermo) Combining Duration and Intensity of Poverty: Proposal of a New Index of Longitudinal Poverty
30/09/2009 Anders Skrondal (Norwegian Inst. of Public Health) Improved Regression Calibration
29/09/2009 Anders Skrondal (Norwegian Inst. of Public Health) Factor Scores as Proxies for Latent Variables in Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
07/09/2009 Donald B. Rubin (Harvard University) Direct and Indirect Effects: An Unhelpful Distinction?
18/06/2009 Marina Vannucci (Rice University) Mixture Priors for Bayesian Variable Selection
11/06/2009 Gauri Datta (Georgia University) Bayesian CAR Models for Syndromic Surveillance on Multiple Data Streams: Theory and Practice
04/06/2009 Massimo Attanasio (Università di Palermo) A segmented regression model for event history data: an application to the fertility patterns in Italy
27/05/2009 Anna Matysiak (Warsaw School of Economics) Interdependencies between fertility and women's labour supply in Europe. How a multi-process hazard model can help us in modeling this relationship?
14/05/2009 Noriyuki Takayama Pension Issues in Japan: How Can We Cope with the Declining Population?
07/05/2009 Stefano Mazzuco (Università di Padova) Another look into the effect of premarital cohabitation on duration of marriage: an approach based on matching
09/04/2009 Rossella Berni (Università di Firenze) Conjoint analysis and response surface methodology: searching the full optimal profile by status‐quo and optimization
09/04/2009 S. Barone Design and analysis of teaching experiments for course quality in the academic setting
01/04/2009 Silvia Liverani (Univ. of Warwick) Clustering of Curves
25/03/2009 Antoni Espasa (Univ. Carlos III de Madrid) Forecasting a macroeconomic aggregate which includes components with common trends
12/03/2009 G. Baio Bayesian hierarchical model for the prediction of football results
12/03/2009 M. Blangiardo A Bayesian Calibration Modeling for Combining Different Preprocessign Methods in Affymetrix Chips
26/02/2009 Lucia Fanini (Università di Firenze) Ruolo delle donne e utilizzo della risorsa acqua nella valle del wadi Laou (Marocco): un caso di studio del progetto WADI
12/02/2009 Stefano Iacus Matching for Causal Inference Without Balance Checking (joint with G. King and G. Porro)
29/01/2009 Margherita Velucchi (Università di Firenze) Size, Innovation and Internationalization: A Survival Analysis of Italian Firms
18/12/2008 Gustavo De Santis A new approach to the measure of concentration: ABC (Area, Barycentre and Concentration)
04/12/2008 Alberto Roverato The non-rejection rate for structural learning of gene transcriptional networks from E.coli microarray data
20/11/2008 Furio Camillo A new Data Mining approach for impact evaluation dealing with selection bias
06/11/2008 Alessandra Mattei Living Standards and Fertility in Indonesia: A Bayesian Analysis


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