Federico M. Stefanini

Associate professor of Statistics at the University of Florence, Italy.

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Fields of interest include: Bayesian methods, probabilistic networks and computational statistics.

The elicitation of the degree of belief is fundamental to perform Bayesian analyses in applied domains. Beliefs may regard model parameters as well as the likelihood function. If a graphical model is adopted to decompose a multivariate distribution then the elicitation also deals with graphs. The elicitation is even more crucial in Bayesian causal models, where model for "the science" heavly depends on the belief of experts.


Statistics at introductory and intermediate level.

Recent courses:
  • Statistics for the Master Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies
  • Statistics for the Master Degree in Sciences and management of faunistic-environmental resources
  • Computationl Statistics for the PhD Program in Statistics
  • Bayesian Statistics for the second level Master Program in Big Data Analytics and Technologies for Management


I take part in several institutional appointments.

Student Projects

Thinking, solving and coding. If you like fields like biology and agrotechnology, plus you love technologies based on R, Python and Flask, please send an email to stefanini ((AT)) disia.unifi.it

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