My research interests revolve mainly around multivariate statistical models, and, in particular, to graphical models. A graphical model is a multivariate statistical model that can be associated to a graph: nodes correspond to random variables and missing edges to  conditional independences. I am also interested in marked point processes for event history analysis, multilevel and mixture models in non-standard situations, and in their connection with graphical models. I recently got involved in statistical learning, data science and models for high-dimensional data. As I love to be challenged by new topics, I have absolutely no idea on what I'm going to do in my future.

Some publications


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recently submitted


recent proceedings

Anna Gottard, Giulia Vannucci (2020). A warning signal for variable importance interpretation in tree-based algorithms. In: Book of Short Papers SIS 2020 , Ed. A. Pollice, N. Salvati, F. Schirripa Spagnoli, Pearson, pp. 1030-1035, ISBN:9788891910776.

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Gottard A. (2013) A joint Bradley-Terry model for tennis tournaments via Data Cloning. Proceedings of the 28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Eds. Muggeo V.M.R., Capursi V., Boscaino G., Lovison G., 171 - 176.

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 1st semester


- MASL: Multivariate Analysis & Statistical Learning - Moodle link

This course concerns the analysis of multivariate data from a point of view that connects theoretical principles with practical applications in several frameworks: social science, bioscience, marketing, epidemiology - in English.

- CPS: Calcolo delle probabilita' e statistica - Moodle link

This course introduces the basic concepts of probability and statistics for students in Computer Science and Informatics - in Italian.


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