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Carla Rampichini

Full professor of Statistics


Dipartimento di Statistica, Informatica, Applicazioni 'G. Parenti'

Viale Morgagni 59,  50134 FIRENZE


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  tel: 39 0552751557


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My teaching activity focuses on introductory statistics, multivariate analysis and statistical modelling, including generalized linear models and multilevel models.

(For a list of my teaching activity at the University of Florence: click on Insegnamenti)

"L'objectif premier pour un éducateur est de former des autodidactes"  (The educator's first goal is to train self-learners)

 Frère Daniel De Montmollin

Main research interests

My research interests relate to random effects models for multilevel analysis, program evaluation, and causal inference.
My methodological work is joined with applications on real data, often concerning the effectiveness of universities.
I'm a member of the Royal Statistical Society and of the Italian Statistical Society.
I am co-editor of Statistical Methods and Applications and she i have served as referee for many national and international journals.


  • Research gate page

  • Google scholar page
  • A complete list of my publications is available here or on my UNIFI  profile (click on Pubblicazioni)

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I like outdoor activities, especially cycling, running and hiking



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